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Wednesday, April 8, 2009



Dear ,

First & Foremost..!! Huge CONGRATS to some unbelievable rank advancements to our amazing leaders for the last 4 weeks period..!

The Rank Advancements are UNBELIEVABLE this last 4wk period!! Because we don't get the list until 2wks after the fact, PLEASE email me right away if you have Rank Advanced!! We want to make sure YOU are recognized like you deserve to be!!:)
I want to first CONGRATULATE all of you who went Bronze, Silver & Gold!!! There are SOOOOO's a positive problem that we can only list Diamonds & Above on this email!!=) If you can Cycle 1 time, 5 or can Cycle MANY!!! CONGRATS AGAIN!!=)

Congrats to our new EXECUTIVE team leader Mr. Fariz Norman from Putrajaya. Over 100 cycles...1 year and 3 months in vemma to get paid RM15k per month.

Congrats to our new PLATINUM team leader Mr. Razrul Anwar Rusli from Selangor. He takes 5 years experiences in networking business to built up his success in his previous company,but only 1 years in vemma to achieve his DREAM! It's easy and faster.

Congrats to our newest DIAMOND team leader Pn. Zainita Hussain from Kajang. Over 20 cycles...Top Enroller for vemmabuilder in Malaysia! She's a good teacher too.

Congrats to our newest DIAMOND team leader Mr Fahrurrazi Ali from Seremban. Over 20 cycles...Have a Big networks all around the world with his amazing recruiting.

Congrats to our newest DIAMOND team leader Annum Jalil & Amen from KL. Over 20 cycles...It's easy to get RM$$$$ from Vemma, just online at home and you get will get paid.

Congrats to our amazing DIAMOND team leader Mr. Zamree Osman from KL. Over 20 cycles...What he said...people will follow.Get plug in to your upline.

Congrats to our youngest DIAMOND team leader Mr. Nasoha from University Malaya, KL. Over 20 cycles...Can you imagine how it's feel for the students when they get paid RM3000 per week?? Here it's...he just received his weekly paid RM3k..Awesome!


I know the MISSION they have been on to accomplish this!! They are all deserve this Rank Advancement more than anyone knows!! Way to set the pace & lead by example!! CONGRATS!!!=)))))

Again, I don't want to miss ANYONE!! Please let me know if you or someone in your team has Rank Advanced in the last 4wk period..wks 10,11,12 &13!!

We just started a brand new 4wk period!! Wks 14,15,16 & 17....Let's fight for it!! :)

To The Top Together,

Mohd Musrizal bin Mohammad Musridan

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