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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Buletin from VLeader.Asia

Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC)

On April 4th 2009, VeMMA Malaysia successfully did Vemma Fast Start Training in Northern Part of Malaysia, Penang. This is the second time here. The best part is we were improving a lot in terms of participants, leaders and the content of presentations compare with the 1st VFT here. In May or June, we will start weekly business preview in Penang. Another weekly activity beside Head Office in KL. You must show these photos to your prospects, Pre-Enrolles or team members, let them convince that VeMMA is going to lead the market in this part of the world !!!

Entry via tickets and “smile”

Newly crowned Diamond Leader, from left Fahrurazi and Zambree. Congrats team !

AV presentation while participants taking the seat.

Committee members of VFT Penang, thanks for the effort. From left Diamond Leader Fahrurazi, Platinum Leader Razrul, Star Executive Salehin, Executive Fariz Norman and Gold Leader Sudirman.

With pioneer leader in the Northern part of Malaysia, (in the middle) Star Platinum Siti fadzilah.

AV presentation by CEO BK Boreyko. Even far away between Malaysia and USA, we share your vision.

Emcee of the day play a good job, Executive Fariz Norman

Slide Preparation

1st Speaker : Gold leader Sudirman, The Potential of VeMMA Business. He is one of the best speaker whose background as engineer and doing construction business. He said “nothing can compared to Vemma online system and its marketing plan. The bonus is totally net profit! “

Lucky draw.

Diamond Leader Fahrurazi shared his testimony. He joined VeMMA after many months searching for mangosten product on the internet. In his study, he found that mangosteen was a good source of anti-oxidant. He tried others competitor mangosteen based-product, but doesn’t give a good result. But after found VeMMA, the family health problem especially the sinus problem was reduce tremendously. With strong believing in VeMMA Liquid Supplement, now his wife also doing VeMMA business together. We in Malaysia can’t wait for the products arrival !!

The 2nd speaker, Online marketing. The youngest and newly crowned Diamond Leader Nasoha. He just in early 20’s. He has another last semester to go before graduation in University of Malaya. Good in online marketing strategies. 2 months doing VeMMA, afford to buy a car in young age. Who said youngster can’t do business? Nasoha has proves it !

The 3rd speakers, Fast Start and Compensation Plan. Star Platinum Hazrul Daud. After coming back from Vegas convention, he decide to “burn the bridge” ; resign his full time job as Sales manager in Multi National Corporation. His earning 5 figured income permonth in previous job. But he has faith in VeMMA and want to give full effort to help his network to achieve success in VeMMA too. We in Malaysia have faith in VeMMA to achieve our dreams in life.

“Hot couple”.. Husband and wife, their name always in vemmabuilder top leader. When u meet them, don’t forget to interview how they do VeMMA until achieves Diamond Leader. They are one and only Fahrurazi and Siti Hajjar.

Star Platinum Mr.Hazrul with his brand new BMW 525 worth RM250K. Just 1year plus in VeMMA. We proud of u !

Leader’s cars. We booked the hotel Vip park. VeMMA Royal !!

Next biggest event in VeMMA Malaysia calendar is Gala VFT (The 1st Anniversary of VeMMA Fast Start Training In Malaysia) on May 2nd 2009, Saturday, at Singgahsana Hotel, Petaling jaya. Time is 1pm to 6pm. Including dinner. You must bring a lot of prospects, Pre-Enrolle and team members to see how far we have progress despite having challenges. On that day also we have pin ceremony for newly rank achievers. Borrow power this event and u will see the potential growth in your network and income weekly.

We vleader has proves it last year until now. Are u ready to be part of Vemma in another years of history of success ?? U decide !

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