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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Build Your Business

The next step is for you to decide how you want to build your vemma business . YOU are the only one who can determine how successful you will be. Here are proven and Successful ways that Vemma Team Members are using.
Remember that whichever way you decide to build your Distributorship, the KEY to success is Communication and Education. Communicate with your Upline and Downline and educate everyone to successful methods to build their businesses. This truly is an Internet Based Business. You don’t need to take orders or handle any delivery of product. You simply direct people to 1 of 2 websites to join your distributorship as a Member or Customer.
Remember you are recruiting people to join your distributorship. When interviewing distributors make sure you discuss all the different ways to build a successful Vemma Business.
The following are ways to build your VeMMA Business.
1. Get Internet Traffic to your Opportunity Page: When it comes down to it…you can have the best product to promote and a relentless follow-up system…but if you can’t generate traffic, you won’t make any sales. Once you learn to generate quality, targeted traffic, you can promote anything you want and know that you will turn a profit.
One of the fastest and best methods of generating highly qualified and targeted traffic is by using a pay-per-click service called Google AdWords.
In fact you can start receiving targeted visitors in as little as 10-15 minutes from creation of your account! Click HERE for "Quick-Start Guide To Google Adwords For Vemmabuilder ".
Important: Google do not allow pop-up. You must disable your "Last Chance" Pop-up in your Vemmabuilder Back Office. Login to Your Vemmabuilder Back Office, click ‘Contact Manager’ -> ‘Update Information for Emails and Website’ ->Scroll down and untick the ‘Enable "Last Chance" Pop-up’.
2 . Host at Home parties: Invite people over to your house or someone else’s house and Present the Vemma Nutrition Program Home Based Opportunity. You can recruit Members and Customers by presenting Vemma. Make sure you have a Vemma Nutrition Program on hand for people to sample (taste). Most concerns will come about whether or not the product tastes good. The home you have the party in, should have Internet Access and you can sign people up directly to your website. If it does not have Internet Access make sure you have the membership application form ready.
3 . Host Parties at a Mutual Location: Use a Starbucks or places which offer wireless internet access to meet other Business Opportunity Seekers. Place an ad in a local newspaper with a meeting location and time for Opportunity Seekers. Present the Opportunity and the product.

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