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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

intro about me

My name is Mohd Musrizal. Some may know me by my online handle Riezal82 or uranium82. Muslim, Malaysian, male, single, born 1982.
I hold Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from JMTi
and now further studies in Engineering Business Executive Diploma from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.I majored in business strategy leaderships and management.
before i taken business study always said "business study easy subject and easy to achieve target in CGPA" now i'm feel that..not easy to be rich and success..i must be worked harder to achieve my target..How???like in Nabil Segment in Astro Channel " Lu Pikir La Sendiri"..hahaha
Now working in Malaysian Die Casting (MDI) as Mold Designer and also part time in unit trust agen from Public Mutual..
I also love music. Some that I like to listen to are OAG, Soldier Of Allah, Amuk, Natalie Imbruglia, just to name a few. Love movies too. so many movie i like it. I am not much of a sports person, but I think I'm pretty decent at badminton and bowling.
why,i choose name "menerjah Awan Biru" at my blog..bcoz i challenge my self to fight againt the central of gravity.. 
You can also find me in these places;Friendster. Amongst various methods of communication that exists in this world, I'd prefer if you contact me using email at 

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